About Us

Mindfulmeets is a thoughtful browser extension destined to be HR best-practice for digital wellbeing. It came about organically – having spent hours in video meetings and not feeling so great, productive, or motivated afterwards, our team designed Mindfulmeets to inject some ‘health’ into this new and permanent way of ‘remote’ working.

After identifying the leading concerns employees had about video meetings and combining those with emerging research on digital health, we tinkered with and made various adjustments to the standard video conference interface.

We’ve come up with something that will motivate employees to attend and enjoy video meetings!


Our mission is to deliver mindful video conferencing enhancements to increase productivity and digital wellbeing for everyone.


Our vision is to improve digital wellbeing, making people happier, healthier, and more productive.

Brand Bits

We’d love for you to share the good word about Mindfulmeets. We’d be very grateful if you used our branding materials and guidelines here.