Above Board ‘Mind Control’

Being mindful is to be aware, and to direct your concentration and senses towards just one thing. Ironically, the word ‘mindful’ has multiple applications – one per the phrase “being mindful of” – which generally means to be considerate of, or be empathetic towards. We’re all for both applications, and why wouldn’t you be? Especially when mindfulness has been shown to bring about significant health and wellness outcomes, and, being empathetic will basically see you being well-liked by everyone.  Win/win we think, especially in the workplace context…

So, we asked the question; what if you could have a tool that encouraged both – one that allowed you to be laser-focused, whilst still being cognizant of others’ priorities, position and situation, and during when it counts the most? i.e. When you’re at risk for mis-stepping in a public way (at least in 2020)? Yes, we’re talking about video conferencing. Thanks to COVID-19 the working world quickly became acquainted with video calls and their potential drawbacks – the opportunities for faux pas. The awkwardness of not knowing the other attendees’ names, position, where they’re from. The usual meeting trap of an agenda not being set, not being distributed, or not being followed. Meeting times running over, clashing with future meetings. Whilst certainly offering the ability to work amid lockdown, and with colleagues in offices across the world, generally, video calls can often provide another opportunity to interfere with workplace productivity.

To counter this, we developed Mindfulmeets. A digital wellness app focused on making hangouts / video chats more efficient with agenda setting, sharing, editing, updating and monitoring tools; scheduling and next meeting reminder tools; and a business card type ‘by-line’ for each attendee and a time zone icon – so you’re more ‘mindful’ of others’ stages of day and their likely resulting mindset. To stay focused on the task at hand we developed an integrated search engine and tabs – to minimise distractions – so you’ve everything you need for the video chat using the one interface.

And the fun stuff – the stuff that’s likely to enhance your digital wellness as you’re sitting on your 5th video call for the day? We’ve included that too; GIFs and emojis that you can share to the whole group or amongst colleagues to increase the vibe and senses of comradery during the video meeting catch up. Very few things can build team rapport as quickly as the Napoleon Dynamite dance GIF.

You can find out a little bit more about us by clicking here, but otherwise – stay focused, stay kind, and stay on topic! Being mindful – in all of its definitions – pays off.

Do you have any tips for staying on topic during meetings? And, what are some fun ways your team bonds over video meetings?

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