Can Video Meetings Improve With A Digital Detox

Can Video Meetings Improve with A Digital Detox?

Encouraging the use of video meetings, whilst advocating a more mindful approach to screen use, may sound counterintuitive, but hear us out! Video conferencing offers the simplest way to get the team together without, well, actually getting the team together. They fill a void in the work-life of many millions worldwide. However, with our digital wellness on the line, choosing to have a digital detox is revolutionising ways of working.

So how exactly can the two go hand in hand? Read on to find out how we think online video chats can improve with a digital detox.

Ways of Working Are Changing

Although working from home has its challenges – namely maintaining momentum and productivity going in an out-of-office format – free video conferencing platforms are keeping teamwork alive between colleagues the world over. The convenience offered by services like Google Hangouts Meet, amongst others, far exceeds the possibilities previously offered by audio-only group calls.

Thankfully, the days of the ‘first in, last out’ mentality of productivity are fading. In a study, the most productive people surveyed worked for 52 minutes, before having a 17-minute break. Very specific! Whilst we’re not suggesting you get your stopwatch out, we are suggesting that you consider your own most productive ways of working, and factor those into your remote working schedule.

The aim of a digital detox isn’t to say ‘sayonara smartphone’ for good. Instead, a digital detox gives you time away from technology for your brain-fog to lift and the clouds of screen fatigue to part. You can return to your devices clear-headed and ready to work, collaborate, inspire, and achieve your goals. Not just check your Twitter feed for the 25th time since breakfast.

Can We Digitally Detox Whilst Working?

While any form of digital detox is good in theory, realistically, the more extreme levels of technological withdrawal may only be possible during holidays or weekends, when the expectation isn’t on us to be working.

We need to find ways to work effectively, whilst keeping our freedoms created by digital detox, and this is where Mindfulmeets can help. If like us, your work is online, the ways to have a digital detox may be reduced – but it is still possible.

Detox Your Video Meetings

Using Mindfulmeets, invitations to meetings include an agenda, so the team can prepare for the meeting in advance, to make the most of the time spent together on screen. You can create a more engaging meeting by encouraging participants to leave their smartphones elsewhere, so full attention is on the subject of discussion. The live agenda will remind everyone to keep the conversation moving to achieve the meeting’s targets, and all, most importantly, in the allotted time frame.

To be part of a productive team, whilst maintaining your desired digital restrictions, requires setting boundaries and sticking to them. By keeping productivity in mind, Mindfulmeets can reinvigorate video conferencing with these simple adjustments.