Digital wellness enters video meeting

A new browser extension for Google Meet promising to make video meetings more ‘attractive’ and ‘mindful’ launches today, with its developers pushing for HR departments to take note and ‘take up’.

Mindfulmeets is the first known video conferencing extension featuring tools designed to promote ‘digital wellness’; a prevailing topic in the tech industry and now extending to others, with COVID-19 prompting a huge surge in employees working from home.

The free extension – which will later expand to apply to Zoom and others – will ensure video meeting attendees can create, view and progress through an agenda; exit video meetings quietly to prevent disruption; access appointment and scheduling information through the one inspiring (and wellness-focused) interface – preventing multi-tasking; be cognisant of other attendees’ roles, countries and timezones, and lastly – engage in team comradery through shareable GIFs and animated emojis.

Entrepreneur and co-founder of the Inspire Co. group of companies (which developed the extension), Ben Flux, said the Mindfulmeets concept emerged following the lethargy he noticed in himself and his teams during (and in anticipation of) video meetings, the app was then developed alongside Karina Castex in a Marketing/Data Analyst capacity.

“Video chats are the new (work) normal and our research – plus the never-ending articles referencing ‘Zoom fatigue’ identified a number of shared ‘pain points’ – e.g. these meetings running overtime, not having a clear agenda, forgetting others’ job titles, distractions, etc. So we looked at how we could address these (and in turn improve overall digital wellness in this space), and then our tech team worked their magic,” Mr Flux said.

“The agenda presentation element is certainly the cornerstone of Mindfulmeets – however my favourite feature is the time zone detailing. When it’s 4.00pm on the other side of the world and 8.00am where you are, there’s going to be a difference in team member energy levels – Mindfulmeets displays country flags and exact times to facilitate empathy across remote teams.

“We’re encouraging HR departments to take a comprehensive look at this (Mindfulmeets) as a best-practice operational tool; a workforce who knows their video meetings will be productive, focused, considerate and might even feature a Beyoncé GIF or two, we’re confident will be a happier and digitally healthy workforce,” said Ms Castex.

Mindfulmeets launches with an ‘aggressive’ road map of additional features to follow – including a ‘BRB’ status for video meeting attendees to ‘pop out’ (to sign for deliveries or similar).

To download the free browser extension visit

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Ben Flux, Co-founder Inspire Co.