Five thoughts everyone has while using Google Meet

Forget the stationery, the man-bag and the business cards Patrick Bateman – no one cares about that ‘status’ work stuff in this pandemic era. What’s going on over your shoulder is far most important – or, more specifically – what can be viewed in your Google Meet / video chat screen is what you should be directing your attention to, and it would seem you have been…

A very academically sound and comprehensive (*cough*) literature review of Google Meet and Zoom-related articles, memes, tweets and advice columns over this last year has helped us compile this video call ‘summation’ piece. A piece to reassure you that if you’re feeling some low-level anxiety when it comes to video chats, you’re not alone. 

We’ve rounded up the top five thoughts everyone has while using Google Meet (or Zoom) or any other video hook-up technology, as most of the world continues to work from home…

1. Are my books in the background too basic (PSA: Remove all series of Fifty Shades…)? And am I giving too much of myself away with that piece of art? 

Our unsolicited advice is to remove any black and yellow ‘…for Dummies’ book titles; anything referencing religion, dating advice or career changes, and any artwork featuring body parts other than a face.

2. Eeeeep, what does that person actually do again and why are they here?

Before you share some interesting stories from the weekend (caution), it’s important to know your audience, i.e. There are many tweets out there referencing inappropriate joking within a video call before said tweeter realised it was the VP to whom they were delivering their questionable stand-up material. So, it’s a legit concern. Quickly though – Mindfulmeets, our extension for Google Meet (and coming soon to other video chat offerings) allows colleagues to display their job roles, alongside their names, to prevent foot-in-mouth disease.

3. On mute, and with sleight of hand, can I eat a few chips?

No. Not even if you’re David Blaine, or Copperfield. 

4. How can I work a Moira Rose quote into our conversation?

There are many occasions when a Moira Rose remark is appropriate, and Mindfulmeets will allow you to “just fold it in” through our animated emojis and GIFs feature. And if no one laughs, may we suggest implementing the Joker’s “Why so serious?” GIF as a follow-up.

5. The football literally starts in 3 minutes. Quick meeting is a good meeting all! 

Agree! A video meeting is not an opportunity to grandstand, especially when you’re chatting with colleagues in different countries and therefore timezones! Our Google Meet extension displays colleagues’ local times, thus encourages everyone to be more mindful at keeping to the agenda, and the meeting duration scheduled.

To end, video calls through Google Meet and the like don’t have to be anxiety-inducing. With the Mindfulmeets extension, eating before meeting, and some bookshelf/background adjustments, this ‘new way of working’ can work smoothly for all ‘entering the room’.