How to Prevent Your Google Meetings From Overrunning, With a Mindful Agenda

We’ve all been there; the video meeting that was supposed to be a quick half-hour briefing has turned into a 55-minute troubleshooting saga, and spectacularly messed with your schedule for the entire morning. Not a productive — or mindful — use of your time, we agree. 

The Problem

Whilst sometimes a bit of flexibility is a good thing to allow conversations to expand and new ideas to be presented, video calls that consistently overrun are one of the major pain points of remote working. Felt in teams across the world, not only is it annoying, it’s often completely unnecessary, but a result of poor planning and direction. The difficulties (and social awkwardness) of communication over the Google meet screen can add to the situation, and make it hard to get things back on track without coming across as impatient, or just plain rude. The anxiety this kind of interaction fosters can create an overall negative assessment of what would otherwise be a friendly conference between colleagues. It’s been a difficult subject to broach, until now.

“Now that we’ve got an easy way to show everyone the agenda in our calls, we can all ensure we run as close to time as possible and I’m in meetings for a few hours less per week. Thank you!” — Levi

A Mindful Agenda

Here at Mindfulmeets, we care about your happiness, your productivity, and your digital wellness. We understand that you might have back-to-back video calls tomorrow, and no time to waste on convoluted tangents. We know that sticking to your schedule means you have time to be productive, get some fresh air, have a break from your devices, and enjoy your day.

The Mindful Agenda is here to help you and your colleagues get the most from every video meeting. Ahead of time, the meeting organizer can outline the agenda, showing each topic to be discussed, and how much time will be allotted to each point. The agenda will clearly show the full timeframe for your meeting, so you can easily see how it will fit in your schedule. The Mindful Agenda can help take away the worry of double-booking or having to rush. 

The live agenda icon will appear on everyone’s screen to help keep the conversation on track — and on time. Being able to see your agenda progress in real-time, without having to swap tabs or windows, means everyone’s focus is the flow of the meeting at hand. If a topic requires more time to develop, the Mindful Agenda can be edited to allow for it, within the allotted time frame, or a separate agenda can be created for a later meeting. We want to enable everyone the time they need to discuss what’s important to them, in a structured and productive way.

Get Mindfulmeets

If you’re tired of Google meetings that overrun, don’t have clear goals, and lose focus quickly, it’s time to get Mindfulmeets. As more and more of us continue to work remotely, we want to encourage you to adopt good habits, work more mindfully, and enjoy video meetings again. Your digital well-being will thank you for it.