Tackle Zoom Fatigue Head on With Mindfulness

Here at Mindfulmeets, Zoom fatigue is our arch-nemesis. The Joker to our Batman, the Tom to our Jerry. Getting deeper into 2021, it’s clear that video conferencing is here to stay as a regular part of our routines, be it working, learning, or socializing. Many people have begun dreading just the thought of another video meeting (this dread, in itself, worsening the resulting Zoom fatigue) and thus we find ourselves in a vicious cycle. 

But we’re here to remind you; video conferencing really can be a good thing. All you need is a little reminder to be mindful.

What really causes Zoom fatigue?

Although endless days of back-to-back video conferencing isn’t good for anyone, simply saying too many video meetings cause Zoom fatigue, is not really true. In a neuropsychological exploration of Zoom fatigue, the Psychiatric Times has found that although it’s a term coined in (and now synonymous with) 2020, the causes of Zoom fatigue actually run much deeper in our psyche. 

It’s all to do with the theory of what they call a “reward — cost trade-off” i.e. is the likely reward of doing something worth the effort it takes to do it. This unconscious competition is behind our decision-making process for all manner of daily activity (or inactivity). The prevalence of Zoom fatigue presents the idea that for many of us, the reward of participating in a video meeting simply isn’t worth the effort and energy it takes to be involved. Although we might suggest finding a more diplomatic way of phrasing it when talking to your boss…

Mindfulness can reduce Zoom fatigue

If you’re sick of feeling unmotivated, pessimistic, and on the brink of total burnout, it’s time to take action. Zoom fatigue can not only increase feelings of social detachment, anxiety, and depression, the stress it causes can lead to physical symptoms like headaches, muscle tension, and digestive issues too. 

Mindfulness, and the concept of literally taking one thing at a time, opens the door to a lighter way of thinking. Instead of concentrating on what you find difficult about video meetings, think of ways to minimize them. If you’ve always got one eye on your meeting screen, and the other on your inbox, calendar reminders, and text messages, it’s no wonder you might feel as though the effort really isn’t worth the reward. 

How to avoid Zoom fatigue with Mindfulmeets

There’s no escaping that video meetings lack physical closeness and other types of non-verbal communication that usually help us, as humans, interact. Unfortunately, the lack of these social cues makes Zoom fatigue all the more likely. Video conferences are never going to be the same as an in-person conversation, but that doesn’t have to mean they can’t be enjoyable, productive, or beneficial to your digital wellness.

Mindfulmeets is the extension you need to boost the productivity of your video meetings, thus improving your overall digital wellness. With Mindfulmeets, you can view your day on one simple, wellness-focussed, interface so it’s easier than ever to concentrate on the task at hand, without losing focus. 

Stop trying to multitask. Mindfulmeets will highlight gaps in your schedule to remind you to take a moment to stretch, eat, dance around your living room — whatever you need to refocus your mind. We’re not saying work less, or avoid responsibility. Instead, we’re promoting smarter, healthier ways of working, and more collaborative, meaningful video meetings. Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue, and hello, to Mindfulmeets.