The Boss of Workplace Browser Extensions

What do you do online? Read the news? Do you shop (out of work hours of course)? Find inspo for your home reno? Swipe left or right? Work from home? Manage a team online? Chat with others? Video call your family? And, more importantly; how do you feel after it? What is the effect of all of that ‘screen time’ on your energy and productivity levels? Is your ‘bucket’ or cup full? Or, do you find yourself needing a break, from perhaps what was actually intended to be a break?

Okay, we’ll stop the interrogation now. Our point is, it’s normal to feel a bit lethargic or fatigued from spending most of your day at a screen, but, if most of your working / social / iso life has to be done online, that’s just how it is, right? Incorrect.

It can feel better, you can be more productive, and you can do it all more mindfully. And, all through a free browser extension…

Mindfulness, a form of ‘self-care’, is front and centre at the moment, greatly owing to the fact that the pandemic has changed everything, forcing us to adjust the way we work, socialise, and communicate, and we don’t know for how long. What we do know however is that mindfulness – dedicating our thoughts and efforts to the one experience at the one time – can prevent burnout, improve productivity and really, just make everything more enjoyable, including our digital activity. And this is exactly why Mindfulmeets has been received so positively by the tech world, and now by HR departments alike. We’re ALL spending loads of time online, on our computers, meeting up via video calls, so why shouldn’t that experience be enhanced?

Mindfulmeets, our video call browser extension, available through Google Meet (more places soon), ensures every video meeting or chat is efficient, enjoyable, and empathetic. An extension that makes work meetings (and therefore work) actually ‘nice’? Yep. And we’re not overpromising. Imagine opening your browser and starting your day inspired by a beautiful mantra? Tick. Next; that same extension displaying your upcoming meetings, and reminding you to take a break (like a good friend would) intermittently? Done. Now, imagine that same browser extension allowing you to share and display meeting agendas (to stay on task); share meeting participant job titles and their time zones (for more mindful and time-considerate video meetings), and, for the cherry on top – allowing attendees to share GIFs, and animated emojis to the group, to inject a bit of fun into the video chat? If you’re an employee you’re going to be happier, and therefore if you’re a boss, you’re *going to win an award (*can’t promise that) for implementing Mindfulmeets.

There are browser extensions that can save you money, extensions that can save you articles, and extensions that will save your passwords. Mindfulmeets is the browser extension that will save you video call frustration, whilst promoting digital wellness. Unarguably; something we all need right now.