Top Tips: How to Incorporate Mindfulmeets into your Google Meets for Education

As we get stuck into 2021, remote communication remains a high-priority for education providers the world over. As a platform, Google Meets for Education makes remote learning easier than ever, but the addition of Mindfulmeets can revolutionise remote learning. 

In addition to making meeting for education more personalized and run more efficiently, encouraging students to learn mindfulness, and how it can be inextricably linked to our use of technology, has got to be a good thing, right?! 

So, just how can the features of Mindfulmeets enhance remote teaching (and learning) for users of Google Meet for Education? Keep reading…


Without the actual school bell ringing to signal the end of class, it can be a whole lot easier for your schedule to get thrown out the window and completely lose sight of the flow and agenda of your virtual class. We know that everything takes longer when you have to do it virtually. By using the Mindful Agenda, all students can see what topics will be covered, and when, to help keep the flow of learning and questions moving. Having on-screen objectives will not only boost your productivity but can keep morale among students high, too, with a sense of achievement as another topic gets ticked off the list!


Particularly useful if your Google Meet for Education is a collaboration between educators, participants, and perhaps the odd special-guest or two, on-screen profiles including your role will help everyone remember who’s who. Direct your questions to the right person, and be more mindful of everyone’s contributions with Mindfulmeets profiles. 


It can be difficult to convey personality and enjoy each other’s company when remote learning, leaving users feeling unmotivated and isolated. This can change, and you can express yourself again, using Mindfulmeets emojis and GIFs! We’re all still human, so make time for, and allow some fun — you’ll feel better for it, really!

Time Zone 

If your remote learning has got, well, really remote, the time zone feature of Mindfulmeets will help. Participants are reminded to be mindful of the time where you are, to help keep things on track and understand each other’s schedule. Many people have been displaced thanks to COVID and the changeable travel restrictions of late, so if you find yourself on the other side of the world from your class, you know Mindfulmeets can help you connect.


Working and learning from home can breed procrastination and inefficient use of time. Keeping your day on track can be difficult, but the Mindfulmeets reminder will discreetly inform you of upcoming events, so you can leave other meetings quietly, and join your next class on time. No awkward excuses required.

New Tab

If you’ve got brain-ache from just thinking about today’s timetable, it’s time to check out your Mindful New Tab. Not only highlighting your Google Meets for the day, your New Tab will help you to visualize your time, and encourage you to make the most of those precious gaps in your schedule. It’s time to enjoy your day more! 

Mindfulmeets is a unique, free, browser extension for Google Meet. Download Mindfulmeets now, to transform your Google Meets for Education into streamlined, engaging, and mindful events you look forward to. Your digital wellness will thrive.