Video Meetings and Your Digital Wellness

Being online comes with a unique array of distractions. Whether we’re talking about emails, notifications, calendar reminders, or just another cat meme, it’s easy to fall down a digital black hole and leave your to-do list growing ever longer. But our digital wellness will only improve if we use our time online more productively.

In our working lives, we seek the freedom to do what we need to when we want to. For many of us, video meetings have become a frequent part of our working day, but do they work for us in the most streamlined way? Get excited – this is where Mindfulmeets comes in!

The Need for Instant Communication

In the next 3 years, it’s expected that over 75% of businesses will use telecommuting as part of everyday procedure. The convenience video meetings provide is second to none, so it’s no surprise that they have become the default communication tool.

In the age of wanting it all and wanting it now, video chats eliminate the need to wait around for replies to emails or carrier pigeons to arrive. You can plan your next project and collaborate with your team any time, from the comfort of your home office (or sofa). Zoom, Openmeet, Skype, Google Hangouts Meet to name just a few; take your pick and your colleagues’ faces will join you in an instant. But will they be happy about it?

The Problem(s) With Video Conferencing

While free video conferencing platforms do solve many problems, they pose a new risk to our digital wellness. Being trapped in irrelevant conversations, a disregard for formal agenda, and Bob’s barking dog are all there to mess with our time management.

Research suggests that despite all good intentions, the way video conferencing is currently used is a major drain on our productivity. Disjointed, awkward interactions with a screen full of staring faces can be stressful. The lack of personability is a turn-off. Ill-timed meetings for those working in different time zones add to the reluctance many workers now feel towards dialling into yet another video call.

Mindfulmeets Can Revolutionise Your Video Meetings

Mindfulmeets recognises that well-executed video calls hold an important place in the practicalities of remote working. By shifting our focus to improve ways of working from a digital wellness standpoint, Mindfulmeets aims to eliminate sources of anxiety, frustration, and distraction from your online video conference.

Using Mindfulmeets, you can easily let people know who you are, what you do, and what time it is where you live. You can leave the meeting discreetly and politely, without disrupting the flow of productive conversation. A live agenda keeps things on track, and invite details will ensure the right people are involved in the conversation – without wasting the time of others.

At a time when many of us are craving a digital detox, we need to reevaluate our video meeting tech and its impact on our digital wellness. Enough of the user-unfriendly hangouts of old, it’s time for a Mindfulmeet.