What Is Digital Wellness?

What Is Digital Wellness?

The Shift Towards Mindful Technology

The definition of ‘digital wellness’ is hard to pin down. Like many things in the digital world, it’s less of a physical thing, more of a concept to adopt. Here, we’ll discuss digital wellness and how it can improve your relationship with all things tech.

We like to make time for the little things. We want technology to work for us, not the other way around. The infinite scroll of social media, the endless stream of memes, and the perpetual ping of notifications are commonly the backdrop to our lives. Smartphones have been described as our ‘external brains’ and our devices have never been more essential. But this doesn’t mean you should accept being a slave to the machine.

Time Well Spent

The concept of ethical design in technology and “time well spent” emerged from Silicon Valley and is now a global phenomenon. The conversation has turned towards the idea that we can design technology that encourages a healthier lifestyle and highlights using it in a more sustainable manner. Not only to improve our working lives but our whole lives on an emotional level. And this is digital wellness.

These strange days of COVID existence have no doubt exacerbated an existing problem, with disconnection in the workforce and mental burn out on the rise. The pandemic has rapidly multiplied the number of people working remotely, many in roles that would previously have been far more collaborative. The expectation to be waiting at the end of another video call or messenger thread, regardless of time or agenda, is a major source of discontent.

Much the same as meditation might reconnect your body and mind, a digital detox can revitalise your relationship with technology. Rather than feeling shackled to your devices, the idea of a day spent at your screens becomes inviting.

Bringing Mindfulness Into Technology

This is where mindfulness comes into the equation. Striving for digital wellness doesn’t mean you should reject technology, relocate to a desert island, and have a coconut for a friend. You know the stereotype.

Instead, a cornerstone of digital wellness is the understanding that, when used mindfully, technology makes things better! It’s easier than ever to live our lives online. But what’s needed, is to limit the mindless procrastination technology presents us with. We need the freedom to approach our use of technology with a sense of purpose and positivity. If we pay attention to the way we use our devices, we can boost our productivity and improve our mental health. Give ourselves time to breathe.

Improve Your Digital Wellness

Digital wellness starts with the thought. The simple questions. Do I feel happy after a long day at my desk? How could I use my devices in a healthier manner? How can I excel professionally, whilst making sure I have time in my day for a break?

These questions are the beginning of a shift towards your own digital wellness, and that’s what we’re here for.