You like us, You really like us!

We’re thrilled to announce that on our first day (i.e. launch-day) over at Product Hunt, Mindfulmeets, our free video meeting extension for Google Meet, took home the #3 position for ‘Product of the Day’! 

Woot woot!

The early adopters have spoken – by downloads, upvotes and feedback – mindfulmeets is what employees need and want right now, given video calls have all but replaced office/boardroom work meetings, as many of us are working from home or remotely.

We – Ben, Karina and Tristan – are absolutely delighted with the uptake, but truthfully – we’re not really surprised; mindfulmeets was developed to improve digital wellness- and now, more than ever before, we really must prioritise all areas of wellness.

We anticipate mindfulmeets’ success on Product Hunt will continue, given it just makes sense; if you use video chats to communicate with colleagues (and family and friends too!) – our extension makes the call more productive, more enjoyable, more fun and therefore a more mindful experience overall.

There’s no downside to being more mindful, getting stuff done, and sharing a giggle, so we really feel this extension is absolutely essential for strong and happy teams. (HINT: Share it with your HR manager, they’ll forever be indebted!)

Watch this space for further updates – we’ll be adding some additional handy features shortly, and congrats for discovering us now – you knew us before we were famous! 😉

To download mindfulmeets – our free browser extension for Google Meet – click here.